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White Collar Law

Criminal Law

What is White Collar Law

In today’s time, economic activity gives rise to several criminal law risks. Policy makers have continuously expanded white collar crime and intensified the criminal sanctions entailed by offences. The investigative authorities have followed with the confiscation of proceeds of crime, regulatory fines for associations of persons etc. The introduction of a criminal law for associations is imminent. Nowadays, many companies, as well as businesspeople, self-employed individuals, directors, institutions and executive staff are constantly faced with the looming threat of investigative proceedings for commercial criminal law offences. Allegations reach from general property crimes like embezzlement, misappropriation, and fraud, as well as accounting and tax offences or the withholding of an employees contribution to the social security system, money laundering, corporate espionage, disclosure of trade and industrial secrets and competition law infringements, to offences against customs law, foreign trade law and antitrust law.

The expert advisors at Tsambikakis & Partner comprehensively support you and your company. We are available to provide legal advice in advance to avoid criminal law and liability risks, assist you with establishing your compliance system or help you to optimize it, support you if you are a victim to criminal offences and represent and defend you, your company and its institutions or employees in investigative proceedings or before the courts.

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