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Daniela Etterer, MHMM

Criminal Law
Criminal Law
Criminal Law


Daniela Etterer has been advising health care providers like hospitals, doctors, medical-care centres and nursing facilities for the best part of 15 years. Resulting, among others, from her former employment with a company that provided risk consultation to the health-care sector, she has particular expert knowledge in risk management (for the health care sector) as well as for compliance issues. Due to her work with Germany’s largest Communal Hospital Corporation, she is familiar with the inner procedures of hospitals, particularly its coordination processes and operational procedures; not least, she is well-versed with the specific medical law questions of cooperations in the health-care sector, questions concerning medical fees and other criminal law problems. She is a professional experienced with auditing cooperations in questions of corruption within the health-care sector. Following her master’s degree in health and medical management, she speaks the language of medical professionals.

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Daniela Etterer MHMM

Attorney  |  Partner Certified Specialist Lawyer for Medical Law
Compliance Officer (TÜV)
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