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Dr. Karolina Kessler

Attorney  |  Senior Associate
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Dr. Karolina Kessler

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Dr Karolina Kessler, attorney-at-law, comprehensively defends and advises in the fields of Medical Criminal Law and Commercial Criminal Law. Among her specialisations is the Criminal Law concerning medical professionals, especially doctors. As a Criminal Defence Attorney, representing, among others, doctors, directors and pharmacists, she resolutely and creatively pursues the best solutions for each individual client.

The unique interests of her clients are the focus of her consultation activities for hospitals, doctor's offices and pharmacies, as well as companies from other professional fields. Dr Kessler has unmatched experience with sensitive cases; her unparalleled communication skills make her the perfect partner for addressing the potentially damaging questions and problems of Commercial Criminal Law and their respective solutions.

Dr Kessler regularly shares her knowledge in distinguished scientific publications.

Special Qualifications