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Prof. Dr. Frank Saliger

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Professor Dr Frank Saliger has been a university professor for 15 years. His main research interests are in white-collar criminal law, Medical Criminal Law, Corruption Criminal Law, Environmental Criminal Law, as well as Criminal Law concerning companies, political parties, banks and the stock market. After holding posts in Hamburg (Bucerius Law School) and Tübingen, he currently holds a chair for Criminal and Criminal Procedural Law, white collar crime and Philosophy of Law at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich.

Further, he has worked as Of-Counsel for the past ten years and has had this function at Tsambikakis & Partner since 2017. He is a permanent visitor to the Criminal Law Committee of the German Federal Bar Council.

Professor Saliger is the author of numerous textbooks and publications in standard commentaries and journals. He is co-publisher of, among others, the ZStW, medstra, as well as of the Neue Schriften zum Strafrecht and the Studien zum Strafrecht (Nomos).

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Prof. Dr. Frank Saliger

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