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IT Criminal Law
IT Criminal
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IT Criminal Law

What is IT Criminal Law

IT Criminal Law concerns the questions of Criminal Law associated with information technology. This includes criminal offences on the internet and from within the internet (i.e. cyber mobbing and cyber grooming), as well as offences that could also be committed outside of the internet. Therefore, IT Criminal Law also includes criminal offences which are committed with the help of information technology – i.e. computer fraud – or which target information technology systems, i.e. computer sabotage.

One characteristic of IT Criminal Law is the rapid development of the area it concerns and the fact that policy makers can only react to those developments with a certain amount of delay. The last few years have seen the introduction of new criminal offences, like for example the Handling of Stolen Data, and new investigative powers like online searches or the surveillance of telecommunications at the source; these give the authorities the ability to keep up with the ongoing development of information technology. We are here to make sure that you and your company are kept up to date with technical progress and are always securely protected against existing threats.

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