Prof. Dr. Frank Saliger

Prof. Dr. Frank Saliger

University Professor, Of Counsel

  • Chair for Criminal Law, Criminal Procedural Law, Commercial Criminal Law and Legal Philosophy at the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich
  • Frank Saliger focusses on the Special Part of the German Criminal Code, and the areas Commercial Criminal Law, Medical Criminal Law, Environmental Criminal Law, Criminal Procedural Law and Legal Philosophy
  • Frank Saliger is, inter alia, co-editor of the Journals „Medizinstrafrecht“ (Medical Criminal Law, medstra), gives lectures in Germany and abroad and regularly serves as a expert witness
  • Permanent Guest at the Criminal Law Committee of the German Federal Council of Lawyers since October 2014

Languages: German and English

Publications (Excerpt)

The German Political Parties Act and Criminal Law. On the Punishability of Offenses against the German Political Parties Act, with a focus on Embezzlement acc. To Sec. 266 CC, published by Mohr Siebeck publishers, Tübingen 2005 (likewise Habilitation Thesis)

The Radbruch Equation and the Rule of Law, published by C.F. Müller publishers, Heidelberg 1995 (likewise doctoral thesis)

Self-Determination until the End, A Legal Opinion on the Ban for Organized Assisted Suicide, 2015

Introduction to Legal Philosophy and Legal Theory in the Present, published by C.F. Müller publishers, 9th ed., Heidelberg 2016 (together with Winfried Hassemer and Ulfrid Neumann)

Commentary on Penal Tax Law and Procedural Law, published by Dr. Otto Schmidt publishers, Cologne 2017 (ed, together with Robert Esser, Markus Rübenstahl and Michael Tsambikakis)

Neutralised Criminal Law. On the 10-year-anniversary of the application-ban of the statutory law regulating the Organising of Unlawful Gaming (Sec. 284 CC) by private sports betting providers licensed in other EU-Member States, particularly Online-Casino-Games, published by Nomos publishers, Baden-Baden 2017 (together with Michael Tsambikakis)