Dr. Alexander Kubik

Dr Alexander Kubik

Attorney at Law
Certified Specialist Lawyer for Criminal Law

  • Graduated doctor juris from the University of Passau in 2014;
  • Research Assistant and Doctoral Candidate at the Chair of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Law relating to economic offences (white collar) and Philosophy of Law at the University of Passau, Professor Dr. Armin Engländer;
  • Legal Clerk at the Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart;
  • 2016-2019 Attorney at Law for QUEDENFELD Rechtsanwälte in Stuttgart, a law firm specializing in white collar crimes;
  • Joined Tsambikakis & Partner in Stuttgart in April 2019

Languages: German, English.


  • Determinability of the so-called „damage-to-be“, NStZ 2017, 322 (co-authored with Thorsten Zebisch).
  • The illegal sanctions scissors – The judge’s criminal liability when announcing a disproportional difference of sanctions in deal negotiations, Peter Lang 2014.
  • VIP-Hospitalities at sports events as forbidden game of chance by Art. 284 German Criminal Code – risk analysis of guest care measures with profit opportunity, wistra 6/2015, 214 ff (co-authored with Dr. Max Klinger).
  • Murder and/or manslaughter? Critical analysis of present reform proposals on the law of intentional homicide, StV 2013, 582 (co-authored with Prof. Dr. Till Zimmermann).
  • Socially acceptable forced marriages? – The meaning of the term of damnability in Art. 237 § 1 para 2 German Criminal Code, JR 2013, 192 (co-authored with Prof. Dr. Till Zimmermann).