Medical Criminal Law

Tsambikakis & Partner is a leading boutique in medical criminal law.

Doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceutical companies trust our advisors and the experience gathered by them over many years. With this expert knowledge, we are able to offer superior legal consultation in a challenging legal environment. Only someone who knows the interdependency of the different players in the healthcare system and the regulatory authorities from own experience, has the ability to draw the right conclusions, to make the appropriate decisions, and to know the consequences of the same. Tsambikakis & Partner is one of the few law firms combining such vast amounts of experience in medical criminal law: Our advisors have, over the course of the last years, successfully completed more than one thousand mandates in this especially demanding field.

Doctors, Pharmacists and other providers of medical care have been effectively defended against claims of malpractice, billing fraud, embezzlement and corruption in the healthcare system. We have further counselled individual clinics and large hospital groups as well as pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of medical devices.

Tsambikakis & Partner proves its competence not only through its multitude of mandates, but also with a plethora of publications, lectures and recommendations.