International Criminal Law

Challenges of international criminal law.

Globalisation and Europeanisation change – today far more than ten years ago – the directly applicable – or indirectly relevant – Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law regulations in Germany. An accomplished defence counsel in Commercial Criminal Law today cannot be successful without in-depth knowledge of European Law and the myriad of International Treaties concerning Mutual Judicial Assistance and the fight against corruption.

Proceedings instigated by international prosecutors and regulatory authorities – oftentimes assisted by German authorities and institutions – increasingly threaten private individuals and companies located in Germany in a way that can well be described as endangering their existence. Bearing this in mind, it becomes clear that, when counselling in questions concerning Commercial Criminal Law and defending against claims originating from this area of the law, superior knowledge of the German law (and flawless command of the German language) simply no longer suffice.

Our advisors have long years of practical and academical experience including but not limited to European Criminal Law and Legal Assistance Law, the European Convention on Human Rights, the International Treaties concerning Mutual Judicial Assistance including extradition, the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the Commercial Criminal Law of most European countries. They are therefore able to guarantee competent consultation to all companies and private individuals faced with cross-border legal issues – most of the time in the language of their legal system and its actors.

We will counsel and represent you when faced with internal investigations conducted from abroad, just as we will assist companies, which themselves need to undertake internal investigations beyond the borders of Germany.

We comprehensively represent and defend our clients – German or not – in international criminal matters, especially when faced with extradition to or from Germany or an „European Arrest Warrant“. Our knowledge and experience can further be useful to you, when needing to internationally coordinate defence and representation of companies or private individuals against German or foreign prosecutors or regulatory authorities active in multiple jurisdictions or acting extraterritorially.

With our abundant knowledge and wealth of experience we will also assist you when looking to lodge an appeal with international or European courts, especially with the European Court of Human Rights.