Compliance & Investigations

Avert risks, Reveal abuse.

Those in charge of a business must ensure that neither through the business nor out of the business criminal acts are committed. Today, a multitude of organizational, educational and regulatory measures are obligatory for any company. If those measures are not implemented, or they are implemented but not continuously checked and adapted, and this leads to violations of the law, especially by employees, the managers in charge and the company itself face heavy sanctions. Times, in which prison sentences for courted board members and worshipped managers were a pure twist of the mind have long since passed. Fines and asset forfeiture can affect the company directly and lead to its destruction.

The entirety of measures and processes implemented by a company to ensure law-abidance (Compliance) is also known as the Compliance Management System (CMS). With their abundant knowledge in preventive compliance-consultation – including but not limited to the healthcare sector – our advisors will assist you with quickly and effectively building a successful compliance system tailored to your demands.

Together, we define compliance goals, and identify compliance risks specific to your business. Based on this analysis we will then implement an adequate compliance program. Our advisors will also assist you when your existing compliance management system needs to be checked for effectiveness and suitability, selectively or as a whole, or if you require it to be continuously monitored.

Should it already be too late for preventive measures, personal liability risks can only be reduced and official investigations can only be minimized, if individual suspicions or anomalies in the system are investigated and reviewed. Our experienced advisors – who are used to close and respectful cooperation with the responsible personnel – will defend you, affected manager or employee in charge, as experienced external advisors during the course of these internal investigations – which can also lead criminal investigations.