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Anne Laurinat, MLE

Attorney  |  Senior Associate
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Anne Laurinat

Criminal Law
Criminal Law
Criminal Law


Anne Laurinat has been defending and advising clients as an attorney in Commercial Criminal Law with a focus on Medical Criminal Law and criminal law questions relating to medical drugs for the past nine years. Anne Laurinat has been with Tsambikakis & Partner from the start; she previously worked for the commercial criminal law department of a leading international law firm for more than three years.

Anne Laurinat advises clients as a criminal defence attorney and assists companies, particularly those from the health-care sector, when they are faced with (medical) criminal law problems. The past years have seen a focus on questions related to corruption in the health care sector (Secs. 299a, 299b StGB (Strafgesetzbuch – German Criminal Code, CCP). Anne Laurinat further advises in related fields, i.e. questions of a revocation of licensure or in disputes with the Chambers of Physicians/Medical Associations or the Associations of Pharmacists.

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