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About us

Us and the owl

„The owl is a contradiction. It is the best known of birds and the least known of birds. Ask anyone, even a small child, to draw an owl and they will do so without hesitation. Ask them when they last saw an owl and they will pause, think hard and then say they can’t remember.”

Desmond Morris

The owl is the logo of our young law firm. With its all-encompassing view, its ability for silent observation, its hunting instinct and its wisdom, it represents all the characteristics that describe us best when working for you. I founded Tsambikakis & Partner Rechtsanwälte only five years ago, and yet, we represent almost two hundred years of combined professional experience under one roof. The logo connects us all in a simple way. It intertwines our individuality with our sense of community. Because we are a team and this team is composed in the way I always imagined it to be.

Michael Tsambikakis